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Editing and Viewing Online - PowerPoint
How to add visual features to your presentation.

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Viewing Your Presentation


Customize the appearance of your presentation by clicking on the Design tab.

Choose a theme for your presentation using the Themes section of the Design tab. Click on the drop-down arrow for more.

VariantsChoose a color variant for your presentation using the Variants section of the Design tab.

CustomizeCustomize your own slide background by using the Format Background button. With this button, you can color all your slides the same color with the Solid Fill option or upload a picture from your computer to use as a slide background using the Picture from File button. Use the Apply to All button to apply the changes to every slide in your presentation.


Step 1:Click on the slide you wish to apply the transition to in the left-hand margin.

Step 2:Under the Transitions tab, choose which transition you would like to use.

Step 3:Decide how you want the transition to look by using the Effect Options button.

(Optional) Step 4:Apply the transition to every slide by using the Apply to All button


Step 1:Click on the Animations tab.
Step 2:Highlight the text that you want to animate and click on one of the animation options.

Step 3:
Specify how you want the text to be animated with the Effect Options button.
Adjust the timing of your animations with the Timing section of the Animations tab.

Viewing Your Presentation

View your presentation by clicking the View tab. Under the view tab, there are three types of views: Editing View, Reading View, and Slide Show

1. Editing View is the view you are in when you are making changes to your PowerPoint.

2. Reading View presents a non-full screen version of your PowerPoint. You cannot edit your presentation in this view.

To resume editing, click Edit Presentation, and then Edit in PowerPoint Online.

3. Slide Show is the view that you will use for presenting your PowerPoint. It provides a full screen viewing of your presentation. You cannot edit your presentation in this view.

Navigate through your presentation by either clicking on your mouse or by using the arrow keys. Press the [Right Arrow] key to move forward in your presentation, and press the [Left Arrow] key to move backward. Press [Esc] to exit Slide Show view.

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