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Duplicate Addresses - Access
In Access 2016, 2013, and 2010, a list of addresses may produce duplicate letters or envelopes, when each person should only get one. The Access table has multiple records for the same person because one field in the record differs from the other records for the same person. Usually this field doesn't have anything to do with the name or address. You have to remove the field(s) and set the query to display unique values only. 

Step 1:Open your address query in Access. Remove any fields that don't deal with names and addresses. Step 2:Select the Home tab. Click the View dropdown list, and choose Design View

Step 3:Click the Design tab in the Query Tools section of the ribbon. Select Property Sheet from the Show/Hide group. 

Step 4:In the Property Sheet on the right, change Unique Values to Yes. You may then close the Property Sheet. 


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