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Download Previous Purchases - iCloud
You can download previous purchases made in apps, books, music, movies, and TV shows with iCloud. The device must be connected to your Apple ID in order to download your previous purchases.
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From Device
How to download a previously purchased item on your device. 

Step 1: Make sure you are signed in to your Apple ID on your device. This has to be the same ID that was used to make the original purchase. 

Note: To sign in to your Apple ID, tap Settings, then iTunes & App Store. Apple ID is located at the top. 
Step 2: Open the App Store, Books, Music, or Videos, depending on the content you wish to download. This example will show Apps. For more detailed instructions on each area, visit the Apple Help page Download Your Past Purchases. Step 3: In the App Store, tap the Updates option in the bottom right corner of the screen. 
App Store, Updates

Step 4: Select Purchased at the top of the Updates list. 

Step 5: Note the apps with the cloud icon. This means that the app is not on your device now, but was previously purchased or downloaded. Tap on the cloud icon to download it to your device again. 
Tap Cloud Icon to Download
Note: Similar to the App Store, you can see which items are available to download by the cloud icon in Books, Music, or Videos. 

From iTunes

How to enable and download previously purchased items in iTunes.

Step 1: Open iTunes. Sign in to your Apple ID if you're not signed in already. This has to be the same ID that was used to make the original purchase. 

Note: To sign in to your Apple ID, open the Store and click Sign In in the upper left corner. 
Step 2: Make sure you are viewing your Library, not the App Store. The button to switch is in the upper right corner. 
Open Library
Step 3: Click the Menu button in the upper left corner. 
Menu Button

Step 4: Select Preferences...

Step 5: Click the Store icon at the top of the window. 
Store Icon

Step 6: Check Show iTunes in the Cloud Purchases. Click OK
Show iTunes in the Cloud Purchases

Step 7:
Back in your Library, click the Library menu button.
Library Menu Button

Step 8: Select the area from which you wish to download content. This example will show music. 
Select Area to Download Content From

Step 9: Locate the item you want to download. Click the cloud icon next to it to download that item. 

Click Cloud to Download

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