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Downgrade IE10 to IE9 - Internet Explorer
Some web-based programs will not run under Windows Internet Explorer 10, requiring you to downgrade to Windows Internet Explorer 9. Here's how to uninstall IE10. IE9 will automatically take its place.
Step 1:In Internet Explorer 10, click Help from the menu bar and choose About Internet Explorer
Note: If the menu bar doesn't show, see Knowledgebase instructions for displaying it.

About Internet Explorer

Step 2:Uncheck Install new versions automatically, then close the window.

Uncheck Install New Versions Automatically
Step 3:Close Internet Explorer. Step 4:Click the Start menu button and choose Control Panel.

Control Panel
Step 5:You may need to change the View to Small icons. Select Programs and Features.

Programs and Features
Step 6:Click View installed updates from the menu on the left.

View Installed Updates
Step 7:Begin typing "Internet Explorer" in the search box. Double click on Windows Internet Explorer 10 when it shows up.

Double Click Windows Internet Explorer 10
Step 8:Click Yes to uninstall the update.

Click Yes
Step 9:Wait for the uninstall to finish.

Wait for Uninstall
Step 10:Choose to restart now or later for the change to take effect.

Restart Computer

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