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Don't Add Spaces Between Paragraphs - Word
You can format Microsoft Word to not add spaces between paragraphs.
Don't Add Spaces between Paragraphs in Word

Step 1:On the Home tab, go to the Paragraph section. Click the small arrow on the right hand side of the Paragraph box.

Step 2:A dialogue box will open to edit Indents and Spacing, and Line and Page Breaks. Under the Indents and Spacing tab, find the Spacing section. Check the box that says Don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style.

Step 3:To edit line spacing, you can use the dialogue box for Indents and Spacing.
Additionally, as seen below, there is a quick access version in the Paragraph section of the Home tab. With this drop down box, you can change the amount of space between lines. You can also add or remove a space before or after a paragraph.

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