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Delegates - Outlook
You can add delegates, such as a colleague or assistant, to your Calendar, Tasks, Inbox, and Contacts. Delegates can see and possibly edit the information on your behalf, and you can control how much they are allowed to do. Here's how to add delegates and set their permissions using Outlook 2010 and 2013.
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Adding Delegates 
Using Delegated Contacts 

Adding Delegates

Step 1:Open Outlook. Click the File tab.

Step 2:Click the Account Settings dropdown list and choose Delegate Access.

Step 3:
Click Add...

Step 4:Locate the contact you would like to add as a delegate. Select the name and click Add->. Click OK.
Step 5:Choose the permissions for the delegate by using the dropdown menus next to each item. Review the check boxes at the bottom of the window. Click OK when finished.

Step 6:Click OK on the Delegates window.

Using Delegated Contacts
If you've been added as a delegate for someone else's contacts, here's how to access their contacts from your Outlook.

Step 1:Open Outlook and go to your Contacts. Select the Home tab.

Contacts Home Tab
Step 2:Click Open Shared Contacts from the Share group.

Open Shared Contacts
Step 3:Click Name...

Step 4:Select the name of the person that is sharing his/her contacts with you. Click OK.

Select Person
Step 5:The shared contacts will appear in your Contacts list.
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