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Default Message Font - Outlook
Outlook uses Calibri 11 pt font as the default font for all new email messages. Here's how to change the default font for your outgoing emails.
Step 1:Start Outlook. Click the File tab and choose Options.

Step 2:Click the Mail menu from the left pane.

Step 3:Click the Signatures... button from the Compose messages section.

Step 4:Click the Personal Stationary tab.

Step 5:Click the Font... button under New mail messages. This will set the default font for all new messages that you create.

Step 6:Choose your default font settings, then click OK.
Step 7:You may click the Font... button under Replying or forwarding messages. This will set the default font for messages that you reply or forward. Choose the default font settings and click OK.
Step 8:Click OK on the Signatures and Stationary window.
Step 9:Click OK on the Outlook Options window.

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