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Default Address Book - Outlook
Your Address Book, or whenever you click the To... button, automatically displays the Global Address List in Outlook. Here's how to make your Contacts Address Book appear by default, so that it is easier to access the people you regularly communicate with.

Step 1:Open Outlook. You may be in any view (Mail, Calendar, Contacts, or Tasks). Step 2:Select the Home tab.

Step 3:Click Address Book from the Find group at the right end of the ribbon. You will see that it automatically opens to the Global Address List.

Step 4:Click on the Tools menu at the top of the window and choose Options...

Step 5:Select Start with contact folders if you want the Address Book to list your whole contact list first, followed by Contact folders when you click To... in a new email.
Select Custom if you would like to open to a specific Contact folder when you click To... in a new
email. Select the folder and use the arrows to the right of the list to arrange the order of the Contact folders. The folder at the top of the list will appear the default for the Address Book. You may click Add... to include additional folders or Remove to remove them.

Step 6:If you want to open the Address book to a list other than the options you just chose, select the Contact list from the dropdown list.
Step 7:Click OK. Close the Address Book. Your changes will be applied next time you click the Address Book or Too... when composing a message.

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