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Default File Association - Windows
Sometimes the file you would like to open does not open in the correct program. Use these instructions to temporarily or permanently set a different program to open a file type. These instructions use Adobe Acrobat DC, but it works for any application.

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From Desktop
From Settings

From Desktop

Step 1:Right click on the file you wish to open. For these instructions we will use a PDF file and Adobe Acrobat Pro. Then select Open with and select Choose another app.

Step 2:Select Adobe Acrobat DC, check Always use this app to open .pdf files, and press OK.

From Settings

Step 1:Type "default programs" into the taskbar and click Default Programs.
Step 2: Scroll down and click Choose default apps by file type.

Step 3:
Find the file type you wish to set up an association with. Again, we will use PDF and Adobe Acrobat.

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