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Dance Studio
Technology Instructions for the Dance Studio in the Baugher Student Center. If you experience any problems, call ext. 3333 or email the Help Desk at Please visit our Web site at for additional information.
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Turning the System On  Adjusting the Volume 

Dance Studio Technology Instructions

Turning the System On
Step 1:Press the Power button to turn the system on. 
Step 2:Select the input you want to use using the Input Selector dial
Step 3:To connect a device, use the Aux cable found in the cabinet. Set the Input to SAT when using an aux cable.
Step 4:Press the Power button to turn the system off when you are finished. 

Adjusting VolumeStep 1:Use the dial on the right to turn the volume up and down. 
Step 2:If you don't hear anything, press the Speakers button beneath the power button. This will cycle the speakers from "Off," only "A," only "B," and both "A" and "B." 
Step 3:Remember to turn the volume back down when you are finished. 
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