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Dance Studio
Technology Instructions for the Dance Studio in the Baugher Student Center. If you experience any problems, call ext. 3333 or e-mail the Help Desk at Please visit our Web site at for additional information.
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Turning the System On  Adjusting the Volume 

Dance Studio Technology Instructions

Turning the System On
Step 1:Press the Power button to turn the system on. 
Step 2:Select the input you want to use using the Input Selector dial
Step 3:To connect a device, use the Aux cable found in the cabinet. Set the Input to SAT when using an aux cable.
Step 4:Press the Power button to turn the system off when you are finished. 

Adjusting VolumeStep 1:Use the dial on the right to turn the volume up and down. 
Step 2:If you don't hear anything, press the Speakers button beneath the power button. This will cycle the speakers from "Off," only "A," only "B," and both "A" and "B." 
Step 3:Remember to turn the volume back down when you are finished. 
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