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Custom Views - Excel
Different audiences may need to see different parts of your spreadsheet, or you may need to print only a section of data. From the original view, you can create and save multiple custom views that you can print and show to the appropriate audience. This article shows Excel 2016, but this process also works in Excel 2013 & 2010.

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Save the Original View 
Change the View
Save New View
Open a View 

Save the Original View
First, save the original view so that you will always have the whole lot of information together.

Step 1:Open your original spreadsheet that contains all of your information.Step 2:Click the View tab, then select Custom Views from the Workbook Views group.
Step 3:Click Add... in the Custom Views window.
Step 4:Type "Original" in the Name text box, then click OK.

Change the View
You can change the view of your spreadsheet to protect information from a particular audience. Here are a few things that you can change.

Hide Rows and Columns:Right click in the letter or number box label of the column or row and select Hide
Create Headers and Footers:Click the Insert tab and choose Header & Footer from the Text group.
Select Page Orientation, Margins:Click the Page Layout tab and the use the options in the Page Setup group.
Set Print Area:Select the cells you wish to print. Click the File tab, then Print. Under Settings, click the first dropdown list and choose Print Selection.

Save New View
Save the new view once you've created the different view of the original spreadsheet.

Step 1:With the custom view in place, click the View tab. Select Custom Views from the Workbook Views group.
Step 2:Click Add...
Step 3:Type a name for the view. Click OK. Names cannot include spaces.

Open a View

Step 1:In your Excel document, click the View tab and select Custom Views from the Workbook Views group.
Step 2:Select which view you would like to open and click Show.
Step 3:From here, you are able to print your custom view.

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