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Creating Contact Groups - Outlook
It is sometimes necessary to create contact groups in Outlook. These groups can be used for club mailing lists, study groups, managing classes, etc. This article shows Outlook 2016, but the process is the same for Outlook 2013.

Step 1:In Outlook, choose the contacts icon from the menu on the bottom left.

Step 2:Under the Home tab, click New Contact Group.

Step 3:Type a name of the Contact Group. Click Add Members and select where to import the contacts from: From Outlook Contacts, From Address Book, or New Email Contact. 
To add from a New Email Contact, enter the appropriate information in the box (Name and Email.)
To add from Address Book or Outlook Contacts, choose an address book to select from. Select a name to add, and then click Members. Repeat and then click OK.
Alternatively, you can copy an email address from an email message.

Step 5:Once all members have been added to the Contact Group, click Save and Close at the top left of the Contact Group window.

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