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Create New Notebook - OneNote
OneNote is a Microsoft Office program that lets you keep track of notes, whether it be for class, meetings, or collaborations. Here's how to create a new notebook in OneNote. This article shows OneNote 2016, but the process works the same in OneNote 2013.
Step 1:Click the File tab and select New.
Step 2:
Choose where to store your notebook. If you select This PC, you will have the option to share the notebook later. This example uses This PC.
Step 3:
Give the notebook a name.
Step 4:
If you do not want your notebook saved in the default location, click Create in a different folder.
Step 5:
Select where you would like your notebook to live, and click Create.
Step 6:
Otherwise, just click Create Notebook.
Step 7:
Your new notebook will appear.

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