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Create an Account - Skype
How to create a Skype account.
Step 1:Open Skype.

Step 2:
Click Create Account at the bottom of the window.

Step 3:
Enter your cellphone number and click Next.

Note: You can sign in with a Microsoft or Facebook instead of creating a Skype account.

Step 4: Enter your name and click Next.
Step 5: Enter your country and birthdate, then click Next.
Step 6: Enter the code that was texted to you and click Next.

Step 7: Choose your theme and click the arrow.
You can also click Skip to go straight to your account.

Step 8:
Upload your profile picture and click the arrow.

Step 9:
Make sure your microphone and speaker are connected and working properly, then click the arrow.

Step 10: Make sure your camera is connected and working properly, then click the checkmark. You're done setting up your account!

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