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Copy Email Addresses From Excel - Outlook
How to copy a list of email addresses from Excel and send a new email or use it to create a new contact group in Outlook.
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Copy Into New Email
Copy Into New Contact Group

Copy Into New Email

Step 1:
Open the list of email addresses in Excel. Step 2:Select the addresses to whom you would like to send messages.

Step 3:Right click on the selection and choose Copy. Alternatively, press [Ctrl] + [C] to copy.

Step 4:Open Outlook and create a new email.

Step 5:Right click in the To... (or Cc, Bcc) text box and select Paste, or press [Ctrl] + [V].

Step 6:The addresses will appear in a list.

Step 7:Click anywhere outside the text box. The addresses will be separated as individual recipients.

Copy Into New Contacts Group

Step 1: Open the Excel contacts spreadsheet.
Step 2: Select the Email cells. Right click on the selection and select Copy, or press [Ctrl] + [C].

Step 3:
Minimize Excel.
Step 4:
Open Outlook. Go to Contacts.
Step 5: On the Home ribbon, click New Contact Group.

Step 6:
Click in the Name box and type the name of the Contact Group. Spaces are OK to use.
Step 7: Click Add Members, From Address Book.
Step 8: Click on Members - >.

Step 9: Right click and choose Paste, or press [Ctrl] + [V] . Click OK.
Step 10: Individual email addresses appear in alphabetical order. Click Save & Close.

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