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Contact Groups Online - Outlook
You can create a contact group to organize your contacts. You are then able to send a message to everyone within a group. 

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Create Contact Group     Email Contact Group 

Create Contact Group

Step 1:
Click the square in the top left corner then select People

Step 2: Click the arrow next to New and select Contact List

Step 3: Type a name for the group. 

Step 4: Add Members by typing the last name and selecting their contact as it appears. 

Step 5: Click Save when finished.

Step 6: Contact Lists will appear alphabetically with all other contacts. Click their name in the left panel to view the list in the right panel. 

Step 7: To edit/delete the list, select the contact list on the left and click Edit or Delete at the top of the page. 

Email Contact Group

Step 1:Click the square in the top left corner then select People

Step 2:Click the group name in the left panel. Information on the group will appear in the right panel. 

Step 3:
Click Send email to the right of the listed names.  

Step 4:
An email message will appear addressed to the contact list. Drag and drop the list to send CC or BCC. Click Send to email the group. 

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