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Contact Group Mail Merge - Outlook
You can use a Contact Group from Outlook to create a Mail Merge in Word. This involves pasting the contact group from Outlook to Word, and then to Excel. You then use the Excel file as the recipient list for the mail merge to email. This will allow each recipient to only see their name in the To: line.
Step 1:In Outlook, open your Contacts. Click on the contact group to select it.

Step 2:Click the File tab and choose Save As.

Step 3:Next to Save as type, choose Rich Text Format (*.rtf) from the dropdown list.

Step 4:Choose the name and location of the file, then click Save.

Step 5:Open Word. Scroll past the recently opened documents and click Open Other Documents.

Step 6:Navigate to the file you just saved. Click on it, and then click Open.

Step 7:Highlight the contacts and press [Ctrl] + [C].

Step 8:Open Excel. Click in the A2 cell.
Step 9:Press [Ctrl] + [V]. Step 10:It will appear as if only the email addresses pasted over. Hover over the A column label. When the cursor turns into a down arrow, click to select the entire column.
Step 11:Right click on the selected column and choose Format Cells...
Step 12:Select the Alignment tab. Under Horizontal in the Text alignment section, choose General from the dropdown list. Click OK.
Step 13:Hover over the B column label. When the cursor turns into a down arrow, click to select the entire column. Repeat Steps 11-12. This will move the email addresses to the B column.
Step 14:Adjust the widths of columns A and B to display all of the information. 

Step 15:Type "Name" in the A1 cell and "Email" in the B1 cell. Apply bold to both cells.
Step 16:Click the File tab and choose Save As.

Step 17:Name the file. Next to Save as type, choose Excel Workbook (*.xlsx) from the dropdown list. Choose a location for the file. Click Save. You may close out of Excel.
Step 18:Open a new Word document. Click the Mailings tab. Choose Select Recipients from the Recipients group. Select Use Existing List...
Step 19:Navigate to the Excel file of recipients you just created. Select it and click Open.
Step 20:Click OK.
Step 21:With the Mailings tab selected, click Start Mail Merge and choose Email Messages.
Step 22:Type the email message, leaving the recipient field open.
Step 23:Click in the recipient field.

Step 24:
Under the Mailings tab, click the Insert Merge Field dropdown list. Choose the field to insert (Name is used here).
Step 25:The field will appear. Be sure not to edit this field or the merge will not work.
Step 26:Still in the Mailings tab, click Preview Results. The recipient field will display the names of your recipients. Use the arrow buttons to scroll through the list of names.
Step 27:Click Finish & Merge, and select Send Email Messages...
Step 28:Email should appear in the To: box. This means Word will send the message to the emails from your list. Type the subject and choose to send All records. Click OK.
Step 29:The messages are sent from Outlook, and they will appear in Outlook's Sent Items folder.

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