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Contact Categories - Outlook
How to create and assign categories to your contacts in Outlook.

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Create a Category
Assign Categories
Send Message to Category Group

Create a Category

Step 1:In Outlook, choose Contacts from the menu at the bottom of the left pane.

Step 2:
Select the Home tab, and click Categorize from the Tags group.

Step 3:Click All Categories...
Step 4:Click New...
Step 5:Enter the name of your category. Choose a color, and you may also choose a shortcut key. Click OK.
Step 6:Remove the check from in front of your new category, or else the category will be automatically applied to the contact that is currently selected. Click OK.

Assign Categories
Note: A contact can belong to more than one category.

Step 1:In Outlook, choose Contacts from the menu at the bottom of the left pane.
Step 2:Click on the contact to which you want to assign a category. The contact box will turn blue when you select it.
Step 3:Select the Home tab, and click Categorize from the Tags group.
Step 4:Select the category from the list.
Step 5:You will only be able to see if a contact is in a category from List view.

Send Message to Category Group
Once you've assigned categories to your contacts, you can send a message that will go to all contacts belonging to a specific category.

Step 1:Open Outlook and go to your Contacts.

Step 2:Select the View tab.

Step 3:Click Change View from the Current View group. Choose Manage Views...

Step 4:Click New...

Step 5:Name the view "Categories". Under Can be used on, select your preference. Click OK.

Step 6:Select Group By...

Step 7:Under Group items by, choose Categories from the dropdown list.

Step 8:Click OK.

Step 9:Click OK on the Advanced View Settings window.

Step 10:Click Apply View, then OK.
From now on, when you want to view the Categories, click the View tab, select Change View, and choose Categories.

Step 11:
In the Categories view, click the heading of the category of contacts that you would like to email.

Step 12:Select the Home tab, and click Email from the Communicate group.

Step 13:
Click OK on the notification about emailing all contacts in the category.

Step 14:
You will see all recipients from the category in the To... line.

Note: You may want to list the recipients in the Bcc... line, otherwise their information will be visible to the other recipients. Continue to Step 15 to make this change, or you may compose and send the message from here.

Note: If a contact has multiple email addresses, they will all be listed. Delete the extra addresses.

Step 15:If the Bcc... line is not displayed, click the Options tab in the email and choose Bcc from the Show Fields group.

Step 16:
Click in the To... line. Press [Ctrl] + [A] to select everything.

Step 17:
Press [Ctrl] + [X] to cut the information. Click in the Bcc... line and press [Ctrl] + [V] to paste the recipients.

Step 18:Enter your own email address in the To... line. Compose the message, then click Send.

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