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Comments - Word
You can add comments to a Word document to share your thoughts with others who may be working with you on the file, or to place reminders for yourself. This process also works in Word 2013 & 2010.
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Add Comments

Step 1:
Open the Word document to which you want to add a comment. Place the cursor where you want the comment to appear.

Step 2:
Click the Review tab.
Step 3:
Select New Comment from the Comments group.
Step 4:
The comment text box will appear in the margin. Enter the comment text. Step 5:To save the comment, click outside of the comment box. Step 6:To view all comments, make sure the Review tab is selected. Click Reviewing Pane in the Tracking group. You may also edit the comments here.

Edit Comments

How to edit a comment that already exists in a Word document.

Step 1:Open the Word document with comments.

Step 2:Click on the speech bubble of the comment you wish to edit.

Step 3:Click on the text, and you will be able to edit it. Click outside the box to save your work.

Delete Comments

Step 1:Open the Word document with comments.

Step 2:
Right click on the comment you wish to delete. Click Delete Comment.

Step 3:
To delete all comments, select the Review tab. Click the bottom half of the Delete button in the Comments group and select Delete All Comments in Document.

Respond to Comments
You can respond to another user's comments in the document, making it easy to communicate about a specific part in the text.

Step 1:Open the Word document with comments.

Step 2:
Click on the speech bubble of the comment that you wish to respond to.

Step 3:
Click the Review Tab. Select New Comment in the Comments group.

Step 4:A new comment will appear under to the comment you are responding to. Begin typing your comment.

Step 5:
Click outside of the comment area to save the comment.

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