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Collaborate - Office Applications
Office allows you to collaborate with other people on the same file. This article shows Office 2016, but the process also works in Office 2013.
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Work Together on a File

Work Together on a File
Several people can work together on the same file in any Office program.

Step 1:Save the file to OneDrive, then share your file by inviting people. Read the instructions, and complete the steps in the sections "Save File" and "Invite People".
Step 2:Recipients of the invitation should click on the link in their email to open the file in the Office web app.
Step 3:
In the web app, click the Edit Document tab to choose to edit the file in the Office program or continue working in the web app. If you work in the Office program, you will have to click Enable Editing at the top of the screen. 
Step 4:
Check the status bar at the top of the window to see who is working on the document.
Step 5:
After you have made changes, be sure to click Save and save the file to OneDrive so other authors can see the changes.
Step 6:
Changes to the file will appear automatically. There will be colored bars showing where other contributors are editing.

You can leave and reply to comments on the file while working with other people.

Step 1:Open the document you are working on. If another user has left a comment, click the comment bubble in the margin.
Step 2:
You will see the original comment and any replies.
Step 3:
To reply to a comment, click the Reply button. Your name will appear at the bottom of the thread, and you can type your comment.
Step 4:Click the X in the upper right corner of the Comments box to close comments.
Step 5:
To view all comments in a document, click the Review tab and select Show Comments from the Comments group. 

Step 6:
The comments will be displayed in a pane on the right.
Step 7:
Be sure to save the document to share the comments.

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