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Club Registration

This article will explain how to register a club with the Elizabethtown Student Senate.

Accessing the Form

Step 1: Using a web browser, navigate to, and sign in to Jayweb if prompted. A prompt to sign into JayWeb

Step 2:In the center of the page, click on the link to access the form. A red circle around the link to access the Club Registration form

Step 3: Fill out the form, being sure to fill in all blanks marked with a red asterisk.A screenshot of the student registration form 

Step 4: Click the submit button at the bottom of the page. The Elizabethtown Student Senate will then either approve or deny the registration.  A red circle around the Submit button at the bottom of the registration form

Clubs need to be registered with Senate in order to have access to email, network drives, printing, and 25Live accounts.

For additional questions, please contact For questions regarding email or network accounts, please contact

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