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Class Notebook in Canvas
A Class Notebook is a special OneNote that has pre-configured sections with permissions and features useful for teaching and learning. This is a tool configured in Canvas, but can also be used outside of the LMS from the apps in Office 365.
Enabling Class Notebook in a Canvas Course
Class Notebook is already configured in Canvas, but it is hidden in the left navigation menu by default.  To enable the Class OneNote menu item, follow this Canvas guide to move the menu item to be visible.
Setting Up a Class Notebook
Note: If you are not already signed into OneNote or Office 365 in Canvas, when you click the Class Notebook button in the course left navigation menu, you will be prompted to sign in using your Etown email and usual password.

Step 1:
Give the Class Notebook a name.  It is recommended that you include the course number and semester in the name so that it is clear which notebook it is if you need to access it from O365.

Step 2:
The next step shows you the pre-configured sections in the notebook and the permissions set for each one.

Step 3:
If you want another faculty member to also have teacher rights for this notebook, you can add them now. Just start typing their last name and choose their account from the list.

Step 4:
Adding students.  It is recommended that you choose to add students automatically.  Students will need to click the Class Notebook button in the course left navigation and log in before you will see their names/folders listed in the Class Notebook.
Step 5:
Create and name the folders that will be added to each students private space in the notebook.  There are some defaults already there.  You can delete any you don't need and also add others.  Depending on how you plan to use the Class Notebook these folders can help you organize content you may automatically copy to each student.  At the very least, a folder for Class Notes gives each student a place to get started, Likely Homework and Assignments will all be in Canvas so those folders are not needed here.

Step 6:
Preview the setup.  This is always right, but it is just a quick double check. Click "Create" at the bottom of the page.

Step 7:
Download the Class Notebook Add-In. This tool adds some additional features that are useful for teaching and learning and managing your notebook.  Then, you can choose to open your Class Notebook online or with the OneNote app on your computer.  Opening it in the app on your computer provides more features/tools.
Viewing the Class Notebook from within Canvas
Step 1:
Click the "Class Notebook" button in the course navigation.
Step 2:
Click the "Open your class notebook" link near the bottom of the window that appears.
Cleaning up Default Pages in a Class Notebook

The Class Notebook comes with some pages in a Welcome section as well as overview-type pages for the sections.  It is recommended to leave most of these pages in the notebook, but to move all of them to the Welcome section so as to not clutter up the work that will be in the notebook.  Using the Collaboration Space and Adding Pages
The Collaboration Space in a Class Notebook is a section in the notebook where all students and faculty have EDITING rights. Create pages in this space to collaborate on content. Step 1:
Click on the Collaboration Space section tab.
Step 2: 
Click the + Page link.
Step 3:
Add a title to the page.
It is recommended that you add a page for each team or group of students to work on for a collaborative project.  So, you may have multiple pages with similar names so each team has their own place to work such as "Research Project Team A", "Research Project Team B" etc.

Tips When Working in the Class Notebook
If you might have multiple students working at the same time on the same page in the collaboration space, encourage students to open the Class Notebook in the ONLINE version so that all students can immediately see what their peers are working on and to avoid page version conflicts.  
The location of sections, pages and buttons for tools and features varies based on if using the online version of OneNote, the app on a desktop or mobile device, or the full desktop application in Microsoft Office.  Consult Microsoft Support pages for specifics for the version used.
Additional support for OneNote features is available from Microsoft Support.

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