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Chinese - Mac OS X
How to type in Chinese on a Mac.
Step 1:Click on the Apple and choose System Preferences. Step 2:Select International.

International Preferences
Step 3:Hit the Formats tab.

Formats Tab
Step 4:Choose the type of Chinese from the list next to Region.

Choose Type of Chinese
Step 5:Hit the Input Menu tab.

Input Menu Tab
Step 6:Put a check next to Simplified Chinese and the specific type of Chinese.

Check Simplified Chinese and Type of Chinese
Step 7:Check Show input menu in menu bar. Close the window.

Check Show Input Menu in Menu Bar
Step 8:Click the US flag on the menu bar at the top right. Select the type of Chinese.

Click US Flag and Select Chinese
Step 9:Chinese will now be activated.

Chinese is Activated
Step 10:When you type on the keyboard in Word, note that the text is gray and dotted underlined.

Grey, Dotted Underlined Text
Step 11:Press the [Space] bar to change the text into Chinese. Hit the Right or Down Arrow key to select the character.

Select Chinese Character

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