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ChemDraw is a software designed for drawing chemical structures and laboratory notes and experiment write-ups. It includes chemical structure essentials like atoms and bonds, as well as calculators, templates, and more drawing tools. All Etown students can download this software with their Etown account.

Step 1:Go to
Step 2:Enter your Etown email address and click Submit.

Step 3:Click Continue.

Step 4:Click Register.

Step 5:
Enter your information. Be sure to use your Etown email, and type Elizabethtown College as your organization. Click Register.

Step 6:Your account registration is now complete. Click Continue To Your Previous Request.

Step 7:Select the software version to download. These instructions use Windows.

Step 8:Save the file.

Step 9: In your Downloads folder, double click on cdpm15.5.exe.
Step 10:
Once the file has finished extracting, this window will appear. Double-click on Install Software.

Step 11:Next, open up your internet browser or Outlook and check your Etown email. You should have received an email like this.

Step 12:Enter your serial number and other information. Click your chosen activation method. These instructions use Activate over Internet.

Step 13:If you've chosen Activate over Internet, this window will appear. Click OK.

Step 14:The installation wizard will appear. Click Next.

Step 15:Read the license agreement. Select I accept the terms in this license agreement. Click Next.

Step 16:
Select Default, and click Next.

Step 17:Click Next.

Step 18:Click Install.

Step 19:When the installation has completed, click Finish.

Step 20:ChemDraw is now installed.

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