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Captioning Video
Zoom Pro accounts include auto-captioning when recording to the cloud.  Use this to generate a caption file for any video.
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Enable Auto-Captioning Create Caption File for an Existing Video
 Edit Caption File Download a Caption File 

Captioning is only available on PRO Zoom accounts that use "Record to the Cloud".  If you need a pro account, please contact the ITS Help Desk and include the specific dates you plan to use the pro service.

Enable Auto-Captioning
Login to Zoom at or via the Zoom app with your Etown email as the username and your network password.
Pro accounts have captioning on by default.  To learn more about captioning or to double-check that the default setting is correct, see this help guide from Zoom.

Create Caption File for an Existing Video
Click "Host a Meeting" near the upper right and choose "With Video Off".

Click "Open Link" from the popup window that will appear if Zoom was not already loaded.

Do NOT join the audio. Just click the x to close the audio pop up window,
Select "record to the cloud" from the Zoom toolbar.

Click "Continue without audio".  I
Click "Share" in the bottom toolbar.
Choose to share just the application that is the video you want to caption or the screen/desktop if you don't mind capturing everything on your computer. Before clicking the "Share Screen" button in the lower right, be sure to check the two boxes to "share computer sound" and "optimize for full screen video clip".
If a popup appears about lowering your computer speakers, you can disregard since you have not connected to the audio on the Zoom meeting. This seems counter-intuitive, but by not joining the audio, background noise in the room will not be captured and only the audio on the video being played will be heard.
Begin playing the video.  Allow it to play to the end.

Click Stop Share.

Click Stop on the recording toolbar near the upper left. Click "Yes" on the popup that appears.

Click "End Meeting" in the lower right of the Zoom toolbar or simply close the window.

Wait for the email stating that the recording is ready.  Another email will follow when the caption file is also processed and ready.

Edit Caption File
Once the email is received that the audio transcript is processed and ready, click the host link in the email to the video.  

Play the video and edit any captions that are not accurate by clicking the pencil icon next to the caption bubble.

Click "save" after editing the caption.

Download Caption File
Click the download button near the top right of the video playback screen. Click "Cancel" until you see the file with the ending "transcript.vtt".  Save this file.

This file can now be uploaded to YouTube or VidGrid along with the video file so that the video is captioned. Contact the ITS Help Desk if you need a video uploaded to VidGrid.

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