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Call Forwarding With Jabber
If your Jabber is set up for phone control, you can use it to forward your office calls to an external number. 
Step 1: Log in to Jabber. Step 2: In the bottom right corner of the Jabber window, click the arrow next to the phone icon. 

Click Arrow Next to Phone Icon
Step 3: Hover on Forward calls to and select New Number...

Forward Calls To, New Number
Step 4: Type "91" followed by the external number to which you want to forward your calls. Click Forward

Enter Number and Click Forward
Step 5:
Jabber will begin setting call forwarding. This may take a while. 

Setting Call Forwarding...
Step 6:
Call forwarding is indicated by the handset icon in the bottom right corner of Jabber. 

Call Forwarding Icon
Step 7: To turn call forwarding off, click the handset icon in the bottom right corner of Jabber. Jabber will say setting call forwarding..., and the handset icon will disappear when call forwarding is off.

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