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Call Forwarding
How to set up call forwarding on your office phone online. You can forward your calls to another extension or to another alternate number.

Users may have issues with Step 3 if using Internet Explorer. It is recommended that you use another browser, such as Firefox.
This process in only available while on campus or connected through VPN.

Step 1:Log in to Cisco Personal Communications Assistant. Click here for instructions. Step 2:
Click Messaging Assistant on the home page. 
Messaging Assistant
Step 3:Click the Preferences menu and select Transfer and Screening
Preferences, Transfer and Screening
Step 4:Click Alternate under Transfer Rules. 
Click Alternate under Transfer Rules
Step 5:Under Status, select to enable the forwarding indefinitely or select a time and date until which forwarding will take place. 
Select Status
Step 6:Under Call Transfer, select My personal greeting to send all calls directly to voicemail, or select the text box. If you select the text box, enter the phone number to which you want to forward your calls. 
Select Call Transfer
Step 7:Click Save. Your calls will be forwarded to the specified number until the specified date or until you manually end the transfer. 
Click Save

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