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Call Forwarding to Voice Mail, Extension or Outside Line 

Call forwarding allows a user to forward all incoming calls to an alternate number or extension. Additionally, call forward can be used to automatically redirect all calls to voicemail.

To temporarily disable call notification without forwarding calls see Do Not Disturb.

Step 1: Press the CFwdAll softkey Call Forward Softkey
Step 2:
Using the keypad, enter the number you wish to forward to. If it is an external number, press "91" before entering the number.

To redirect all calls directly to voicemail enter "1200" or press the messages key
For off campus numbers, be sure to enter the area code before the number

A text message in the lower left-hand corner will indicate active call forwarding.
Call Forwarding Indicator
Cancelling Call Forward: To end call forwarding, press the CFwdAll softkeyEnd Call Forward
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