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Calendar Appointment - Outlook
How to create a new appointment using the calendar in OWA.
Step 1:

On the in-browser Outlook site (, click the calendar icon in the top left hand corner of the screen. 

Step 2:

Click New event at the top of the screen. You can also double click on the date or time slot in your calendar when you would like to set the appointment. 

Step 3:

Type a Subject and Location for the appointment.

Step 4:

Select the Start date/time and End date/time. You can also choose All Day by checking the box. 

Step 5:

Choose when or if you would like the event to repeat. 

Step 6:

Set a Reminder for the event.

Step 7:

Choose whether to appear as Busy, Free, Working Elsewhere, Away, or Tentative during the event. 

Step 8:

Add any details about the event to receive in the email reminder. 

Step 9:

Add any people  you would like to receive an email reminder about the event. 

Step 10:

Click Save to add the appointment to your calendar. 

Step 11:

The appointment will appear in your calendar. Double click on it to edit it. You can also drag it to a new date and time on calendar. 

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