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Bullet List: Dim on Exit - Powerpoint
In PowerPoint, a bulleted list appears point by point on one of your slides. When you click to go to the next bullet point, the previous point goes dim and is hard to read. Here's how to remove the dimming effect. This process also works in PowerPoint 2013 & 2010.

Note: Because the change is made on Slide Master, all slides will be affected.

Step 1:In Powerpoint, select one of the slides with a bulleted list that dims upon exiting.

Step 2:Select the View tab. Click Slide Master from the Master Views group.

Step 3:The bulleted list slide master should be selected (the 3rd slide in the list).
Step 4:Click in the bulleted list on the slide.
Step 5:Select the Animations tab.

Step 6:Click Animation Pane from the Advanced Animation group.
Step 7:Click the list arrow next to Content Place... in the Animation Pane on the right.

Step 8:Select Effect Options...

Step 9:Next to After animation, select Don't Dim from the dropdown list. Click OK.

Step 10:Select the Slide Master tab.
Step 11:Click Close Master View at the right end of the ribbon.
Step 12:When you view the slide, the bullets will stay the same color as you move on through the points.

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