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FortiNAC Persistent Agent

FortiNAC Persistent Agent is a software program that is designed to keep other security and anti-virus programs updated. Things such as antivirus, anti-malware, and firewall protection are connected to it. Below are some frequently asked questions and other information.

What exactly is the FortiNAC Persistent Agent?

The Persistent Agent is a program that runs in the background of your computer and scans for the necessary updated security protections once daily. If a student’s computer fails the security check, it will be placed on a remediation network until the systems are updated. This is to prevent any viruses from reaching the school’s network.

How does FortiNAC Persistent Agent work?
The Persistent Agent will run a scan once daily on your computer, and a pop up window may appear for several seconds. The icon for it appears on the taskbar, and clicking on it will display a window with pending messages. Any important information from the Persistent Agent will appear here.
When do you have to download the Persistent Agent?

When you first register the computer for the college, you will be required to download it along with FortiClient. It will remain on your computer until you manually remove it when you graduate.

Can the FortiNAC Persistent Agent track my computer history?

The Persistent Agent does not have access to your personal files, documents, or passwords, nor is it able to monitor your desktop or your web activity. While it does monitor your computer, it only looks at certain updates and ensures that your computer meets security requirements..

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