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AutoText - Word
AutoText, a feature in Office, suggests words or phrases when you are typing. If you press Enter when you see the suggestion, the complete word or phrase is typed for you. This process also works in Word 2013 & 2010.

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Example of AutoText:

Add AutoText

Step 1:Open a Word document. 
Step 2:
Type the words you would like to add as AutoText, then highlight the text.

Step 3:

Click the Insert tab. 

Step 4:

Click Quick Parts in the Text group.

Step 5:

Hover on AutoText. Select Save Selection to AutoText Gallery at the bottom of the list of AutoTexts.

Step 6:Type a name that will remind you of what the AutoText contains. Write a short description if you want and then click OK.

Step 7:

Your word or phrase will be available as AutoText. When you start to type the name you gave it in step 6, a suggestion will appear. Press [Enter] to accept or just keep typing to ignore it.

Delete AutoText

Step 1:Open Word and click the Insert tab. 

Step 2:

Click Quick Parts in the Text group. 

Step 3:

Select Building Blocks Organizer...

Step 4:

Select the AutoText you wish to delete. You can see which building blocks are AutoText in the Gallery column. Click Delete.

Step 5:Click Yes to delete the AutoText. 

Step 6:

Click Close on the Building Blocks Organizer window.

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