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Automatic Captions - YouTube
Captions are a great way to make videos more accessible. YouTube generates automatic captions for most videos, but they may not always be completely correct. This page shows you how to ensure that captions are published and edit them if needed.

Tips for accurate captions
Remember that the quality of automatic captions are dependent on the sound quality of the video you upload, so remember these tips to obtain the best results:

  • Speak naturally, at a moderate volume and pace
  • Enunciate
  • Use a good microphone or headset
  • Do the recording in a quiet room with little or no background noise
  • Avoid multiple people speaking at once
  • Avoid a long silence at the beginning of the video

Automatic captioning
Once you have uploaded a video to YouTube, it will be automatically captioned by Google. This does not happen immediately; it often takes a day or so for the captions to appear. When you check back at a later time, you will see the CC symbol at the bottom of the video, which you can click to show the captions as the video plays. See these tutorials for details on managing your subtitles: 

Manage subtitle settings

Use automatic captioning (see: Automatic captions on videos-on-demand)

Editing the captions

Once the video has been automatically captioned, you will want to review the captions and edit them as needed using the caption editor in YouTube:

Edit or remove captions

You can edit the caption as the video plays. It will automatically pause while you edit. You will usually need to add punctuation and capitalization to your captions.

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