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Autodesk is a design software suite. You can download a variety of programs for free.

Step 1:Visit Scroll down and choose the software that you want to download. These instructions use AutoCAD, but the process is the same for all options.

Step 2:You will need an account to download the software. Click Create Account to begin.
If you already have an Autodesk account, skip to Step 10.

Step 3:Enter the required information and click Next.

Step 4:Enter your information. Be sure to use your email address. Click Create Account.

Step 5:Go to your Etown email and click the verification email from Autodesk. Click Verify Email.

Step 6:Your account is now verified. Click Done.

Step 7:Enter the requested info. Be sure to enter Elizabethtown College as your institution. Click Next.

Step 8:Your account is now set up. Click Continue.

Step 9:Now that you are signed in, return to the page in Step 1 and select the software that you wish to download.

Step 10:Confirm the software edition that you want to download and click Install.

Step 11:Click Accept.

Step 12:Click Save File.

Step 13:In your Downloads folder, double click the file to begin installation.

Step 14:Click Run.

Step 15:Click Allow Access.

Step 16:Click Next.

Step 17:Check the software elements that you want, and click Install.

Step 18:Once the program has successfully been installed, click Start to begin.

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