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Attachment Restrictions - Outlook
Here is a list of restrictions the college network places on file attachments in emails. If you have successfully attached a file to an email message, but the email won't send or the recipient doesn't receive the attachment, it may be because of one of these restrictions.
  • The combined file size of all attachments in one message must be under 20 MB.
    Assume Outlook will round up to the nearest megabyte.
    1,875 kilobytes rounds up to 2,000 kilobytes
    2 megabytes (1,000 kilobytes (KB)=1 megabyte (MB)
  • Executable files with .EXE file extensions can't be sent because they are programs that could potentially harm other computers or the network.
  • Access databases with .MDB or .ACCDB extensions can't be sent because they could
    contain harmful code.
  • Scripting files, for example those with a .VBS extension, will be blocked.
  • Un-scannable files may not be sent.
    Sometimes zipped files are affected when one embedded file cannot be scanned.
    Some encrypted files will be blocked as well, because the server can't scan the
    contents of an encrypted file.
    This doesn't happen often, but it is a possibility.
  • If you are sending email file attachments to a recipient outside of the college network, the recipient's receiving system may have different rules and could strip the attachment from the message.

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