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Archiving Emails - Outlook
Once you remove these messages from the server, they will no longer be backed up as part of your email. Since your archived messages are unlikely to change, burning a copy to a CD or DVD and storing it in a safe location is the recommended solution.

This can only be done on the desktop app, not OWA.
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Automatically Archive Emails
Manually Archive Emails
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Automatically Archive Emails

Step 1:Open Outlook. Click the File tab and choose Options.
Step 2:Select the Advanced menu from the left pane.
Step 3:Click the AutoArchive Settings... button in the AutoArchive section.
Step 4:Put a check next to Run AutoArchive every. Choose your AutoArchive settings. Learn how to Archive File Settings. Click OK.
 Warning:  Make sure to UNCHECK Delete expired items (email folders only) or messages will be permanently lost.
Step 5:Click OK on the Outlook Options window.

Manually Archive Emails

Step 1:

Open Outlook and press the File tab.
Step 2:Under the Info tab, select the Account Settings button, then select Account Settings… from the drop down menu.

Step 3:Click on the Data Files tab at the top of the Account Settings Window, then click Add..
The default save location for a Data File is in My Documents\Outlook Files.  This is the recommended location for saving your archive files.  Name the file something appropriate to your files.  If you do not have a lot of email, you can create one archive file – just name it Archive.pst.  If you have a lot of email, it is beneficial to create multiple data files to save your email by year – you can name it 2012.pst (and then create additional files).

Step 4:Enter the name of your file in the box next to File name:. The box next to Save as type: should be “Outlook Data File (*.pst). Click OK.
You will now see a new Data File with the name you used appear in the Account Settings window.  Press Close on this window.

On the left Navigation menu, you will now have a new folder below your main mailbox with the same name as the Data File you create in the previous step.  This folder is your archive folder.  Press the triangle next to the folder name to expand it. Right-click on the folder and select New Folder…

This allows you to make new folders under your new archive file.  We recommend you create an Inbox folder and a Sent Items folder.  Once you have these folders, you can move files from your Mailbox folder.  The easiest method to do this is to select the files you want to move from your Inbox and drag them to your new archive folders.

Helpful Hints

Use the shift key to select a long list of emails.
Step 1:Highlight the first email in the list.Step 2:Hold the [shift] key.Step 3:Click on the last email in the list.
To select emails that are not grouped together, use the control (Ctrl) key.
Step 1:Highlight the first email in the list.Step 2:Hold the [control] key. Step 3:Select the each subsequent email.

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