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Apps for Office - Office Applications
In Office, you can download apps, such as a dictionary or encyclopedia, from Microsoft right into your office programs. This article shows Office 2016, but the process also works in Office 2013.

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Download Apps

Step 1:Open the Office program to which you want to add an app. This example uses Word. Step 2:Click the Insert tab. Select Store

Step 3:

Any apps that you have will appear. If you do not have any apps or wish to download more, click Store

Step 4:Click on the name of an app to view more details about it.

Step 5:

Click Add to download the app.

Step 6:

The app will appear in the sidebar.

Use Apps

Step 1:After you have downloaded and installed an app, open your Office program.

Step 2:
Click the Insert tab and select My Add-ins

Step 3:
Your app(s) will appear. Select the app that you want to use, then click Insert.

Step 4:

The app is shown in the right pane, and you are able to use it.
Step 5:
Click the X in the upper right corner of the app to close it.
Step 6:
To use the app again, click the Insert tab and select the arrow next to My Add-ins. Select the app from the list of recently used apps.

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