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Advanced Search - Adobe Acrobat Pro
Finding PDFs with specific words or phrases in them is quick and easy with advanced search. You don't have to open each file individually to find what you're looking for anymore.

Advanced Search

Step 1:
Open Adobe Acrobat.

Step 2:Under the Edit section, select Advanced Search.

Step 3:Select All PDF Documents in and choose Browse for Location....

Step 4:Navigate to the folder containing the PDFs you'd like to search.

Step 5:Click OK.

Step 6:Type in the key word or phrase.

Step 7:Check off any other options you'd like.

Step 8:Click Search.

Step 9:All the files containing the key word or phrase will appear.

Tip: You can jump straight to the section of each PDF that contains the key word or phrase by clicking on the drop down section under each PDF name.

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