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Adobe Software at Home
Faculty and staff can now download software from the Adobe Creative Cloud at home.

These instructions are for personal machines owned by faculty/staff members only. If you wish to download additional Adobe software on a college-owned computer, please contact the Help Desk.

Step 1:
Go to and click Sign In.

Step 2:
Enter your Etown email address and click Continue.
Step 3:
Click Company or School Account.

Step 4:
Enter your Etown credentials (with and click Sign in.
Step 5:
On the left side, just under your name, click Manage account.

Step 6:
Near the bottom of the screen and slightly to the left, click View and download my apps.

Step 7:You will see a list of Adobe apps that can be downloaded to your computer. Click install and download the app as you would any other. Make sure that you sign in with your Etown credentials if you are prompted.

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