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Adobe Scan
The Adobe scan app can take photos of papers and convert them to PDF form. Here is how to use it.

Scanning a Document

Step 1:Download the Adobe Scan app from your devices app store.

Step 2:Tap the Adobe Scan icon.Step 3:From here it should automatically begin to take a photo of you document, if it does not, tap the camera icon in the bottom right corner.

Step 4:Hold you camera over the document you wish to scan. It will detect it and take a photo of it.

Step 5:Use the corner and sides of the blue box to adjust the frame so that your entire document is within it and then hit continue.

Step 6:If you have more pages to add to your document, repeat steps 4 and 5 till all of your pages are scanned.Step 7:When done, tap the image of your document in the bottom right corner.

Step 8:From here you can re-order your document if you took pictures out of order along with other features.

Step 9:When done, tap Save PDF at the top.

Sending a Scan to Canvas

Step 1:download the Canvas Student app for your device.

Step 2:Sign into your Canvas account.Step 3:Open you Adobe Scan app.Step 4:Either scan you document using the pervious instructions or tap the home button on the top left if you already have scanned your document.

Step 5:Tap the Share button next to the document you want to scan (it will be the one with an arrow pointing out of a rectangle.)

Step 6:Tap Share a Copy.

Step 7:Find the Canvas option

Step 8:Choose the Course and Assignment you want to submit this scan for.

Step 9:Type in any comments you want and tap Submit in the top right.

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