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Adobe Fonts
Etown employees can add fonts from to use with non-Adobe applications. 
Step 1:
Open Adobe Creative Cloud from the program list.
Step 2:
Sign in using your Etown email address. 
Step 3:

If prompted, select Company or School Account

Step 4:

Sign in with your Etown email address and password. 

You may see a message stating that you do not have access to manage app, proceed to the next step. 

Step 5:

Click the "f" at the top right corner of the Creative Cloud desktop to display the active fonts. Step 6:

Choose "Browse more fonts" at the top right to open in your default browser.

Step 7:

Use the search option to look for specific fonts or browse through the listing of available fonts. 
Step 8:

Once you've found a font to install, choose the "View Family" option.

Step 9:

From the display of the specific fonts in the selected family, choose the toggle switch to activate the ones to add. 

Step 10:

Adobe will provide a notification that the font(s) have been activated.
Step 11:

When you've completed the font selection and activation, you can close the webpage and the Creative Cloud Desktop app. 

Do not sign out of the Creative Cloud Desktop app or your access to the fonts from will be removed.

Step 12:

The newly added font(s) will be available for use in Word and other non-Adobe software on your computer.

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