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Request Shared Calendar - Outlook
With permission from another person, you can view their Outlook account calendar. This makes it easy to view their appointments and even add, edit and delete their appointments.
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Requesting a Shared Calendar  Opening the Shared Calendar 

Requesting to Receive a Shared Calendar

Step 1:Click the Calendar button.

Step 2:In the Share group, choose Share Calendar.

Step 3:Check Request permission to view recipient's Calendar. Uncheck Allow recipient to view your Calendar.

Step 4:Enter the email address of the recipient. Click Send.

Step 5:The recipient will receive a message. He or she will click Allow in the message to begin calendar sharing.

Step 8:Open the email notifying you that the request was approved.

Step 9:Click Open This Calendar to view the shared calendar.

Opening the Shared Calendar From Outlook

Step 1:In the Calendar, click Open Calendar, then From Address Book...

Step 2:Select the name of the person sharing the calendar, click Calendar -> and click OK.

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