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Add Comments - Turnitin
You can add comments, such as QuickMark, Bubble, and Inline comments, to a submission using the Turnitin app for iPad. You can also put comments on a highlighted area.
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Open the submission. See View Assignments for instructions on opening submissions. You can add a comment right to the submission.

QuickMark Comments
QuickMark comments are short, preloaded phrases that allow you to quickly comment on an area. You can save your most frequently used phrases as a QuickMark. 

Step 1: Tap the area of the paper where you want to add a QuickMark comment. Select the QuickMark icon.

QuickMark Icon
Step 2: Choose one of the QuickMarks from the list shown, or tap the QuickMark menu icon to select from a different set of comments. 

QuickMark Menu Icon
Step 3: If you tap the QuickMark menu icon, select a QuickMark set from the list. 

Select QuickMark Set
Step 4: Choose a QuickMark comment from that set to add it to the paper. 

Choose QuickMark Comment
Step 5: To add an additional comment to the QuickMark comment, tap on the QuickMark comment. 

Tap QuickMark Comment
Step 6: Select the add additional comment icon in the upper left corner of the QuickMark comment box. 

Add Additional Comment
Step 7: Type your additional comment. Tap Back to save it. 

Type Comment, tap Back
Step 8: Note the white additional comment indicator on the QuickMark comment. 

White Additional Comment Indicator

Bubble Comments
You can leave a personalized comment on a paper with a Bubble comment. Bubble comment icons expand to show the entire comment, so the comment doesn't take up space on the paper. 

Step 1: Tap the paper where you would like to leave a Bubble comment. Select the Bubble comment icon

Bubble Comment Icon
Step 2: Type your comment. 

Type Comment
Step 3: Tap anywhere on the paper to save and close the comment box. 

Tap Anywhere to Save
Step 4: To save the comment as a QuickMark comment, expand the Bubble comment box and tap the QuickMark icon in the upper left. 

Save as QuickMark Comment

Inline Comments
Inline comments are comments that appear directly on the paper. Students are able to see the entire comment on the paper without having to expand it. 

Step 1: Tap on the area of the paper where you would like to leave the Inline comment. Select the Inline comment icon

Inline Comment Icon
Step 2: Type the comment. 

Type Comment
Step 3: Tap anywhere on the paper to save the comment.

Highlights with Comments
You can highlight an area of the paper, and then add a comment to the highlight. 

Step 1: Add a highlight by tapping and holding on the area that want to highlight. 

Highlight Text
Step 2: Drag the handles to adjust the highlighted selection.  

Drag Handles
Step 3: With the highlighted text selected, choose to add a QuickMark comment, Bubble comment, or strikethrough. 

Add Comment to Highlight
Step 4: If you add a QuickMark or Bubble comment, you can choose the highlighter color. 

Highlighter Color

Move Comments

Step 1: Tap and hold on the comment you wish to move. 

Tap and Hold on Comment
Step 2: Drag the comment to the new location and drop it. 

Drag and Drop Comment


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