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Wifi: Android Mobile Devices
How to connect your Android device to EC_SECURE_WIFI. This is a secure wireless network that is available to anyone with an Etown username and password. Your computer must be also registered before you can access the network.
Basic Connection Guide
1. Open the Wireless menu on your device and connect to EC_SETUP_WIFI.2. Open a web browser, visit, and follow the on-screen prompts.
3. Enter your username (without and password.
4. Follow on-screen prompts to install the certificates, then manually connect to EC_SECURE_WIFI.
5. Visit and follow the prompts to register your device.

To learn how to connect your Etown email with your device, click here.

Detailed Connection Guide
Because of the open nature of the Android system, some phones will have different screens or options, but most Android phones follow a similar format. If you run into a problem, follow the instructions for Troubleshooting. If you are still experiencing a problem, please contact the Help Desk.
Step 1: In the notifications panel, navigate to Settings.

Step 2: Navigate to Connections.

Step 3:

Step 4: Open a web browser and navigate to Agree to the terms and press Start.

Step 5: Enter your Etown network username and password. Tap Continue.

Step 6: If this is your first time configuring a device on campus, press Continue on this page. If you see devices in this list that you no longer have or that are no longer in use, you can opt to remove them before pressing Continue.
Step 7: Tap Install The Network to begin installing the CloudPath app. 
Step 8:If you receive a security notice, you will need allow the installation of the app in Settings.
Step 9:Install the Cloudpath App.
Step 10: 
Some Android devices may require you to verify install. Simply click install.

Step 11:
Once the app is installed, do not open it. Instead, return to the web page.

Step 12:Return to your browser and select Start over. Follow steps 4 through 7 again. Pressing Install the Network should this time open the newly installed Cloudpath app.

Step 13:Press Next. If prompted to allow location access, click While using the app or Only this time

Step 14:You should be connected to the wireless network.
Step 15:
a. Navigate back to your Wifi settings. Click on the gear icon for EC_SECURE_WIFI.
b. Press View more.c. Navigate to MAC address type. If the MAC Address is set to Randomized, set it to Phone MAC Address.
Step 16:Open your web browser. If your device has not been registered, you will see the Acceptable Use Policy. Scroll to the bottom and tap Agree. If this page does not pop up automatically, then navigate to and click on Register Device.

Step 17:
Click the link under Etown Accounts.
Step 18:
Enter your Etown network username and password, then tap Continue.

Step 19:
Wait while the connection is configured.
Connection Configuring
Step 20:Click OK after the connection is established. You will have to close and reopen the browser. In some cases, the browser may still be unable to use Etown's network. If this is the case, either turn Wi-Fi off and on again, or restart the phone. You do not need to go through the registration process again.

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