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Canvas Integration - iclicker
The easiest way to register clickers is using the i>clicker tool on Canvas. Canvas integration with iclicker means you can synchronize data between i>clicker/igrader and Canvas. Students can register the i>clickers within Canvas, which also allows the instructor to download the registration and class roster from Canvas onto the igrader program. Instructors can then transfer i>clicker data and grades into the Canvas grade book.
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Configure Your i>clicker Software
 Reset Password for i>clicker Integration
Enable i>clicker Registration
 Registering an i>clicker

Configure Your i>clicker Software

These steps include the creation of a new course, or you may select a course you have already created. Step 1:Open the i>clicker application. 

Step 2:Click + Create to add your course to the course listings. 

If your course has already been created and is listed, skip to Step 5.

Step 3:
The Create New Course pop up will appear. Enter the name of your course. 

Step 4:Click Create.

Step 5:
Select your course from the list and click Settings.

Step 6:Select the Gradebook tab.

Step 7:In the Learning management system (LMS) section, Canvas should appear for the LMS Name.

Step 8:Click on the Select Course button in the Learning management system (LMS) section.

Step 9:Enter your Canvas Credentials and click Log In.

You may be prompted for your password twice (Security Key).

Step 10:A list of your courses in Canvas will appear. Select the course you are integrating with i>clicker and click Select.

If you choose to log out in this window, you will need to log back in to download your roster or upload i>clicker grades to Canvas.

Step 11:Your course should now appear next to LMS Course. Click Save to close the window.

Reset Password for i>clicker Integration

Your i>clicker password needs to be updated when you change your network password. You will receive a message like the one below that states: "Your iClicker grades could not be uploaded to your LMS. Please check to make sure that you have an internet connection and your LMS credentials have been entered correctly."

If you see the error above and are certain you have the correct credentials entered in the system, please try to sync your roster first and then to sync the scores.
Step 1:To update your password, open i>clicker, and at the starting window, select Settings.Step 2:In Settings, select the Gradebook tab, then click Select Course.Step 3:
In the Course Selection Window, Click Log Out at the bottom of the window.Step 4:At the Canvas login screen, enter your username and network password.  At the bottom of the window, check the box next to Automatically log me in to my LMS.You may want to not check this box, however, so that you won't be forced to do this every time you reset your password. This would mean, though, that you would then have to enter your credentials whenever you sync your roster or i>clicker scores with Canvas.

Enable i>clicker Registration

In order for students to register their i>clickers through Canvas, instructors must first make this option available.
Step 1:
Once you've logged onto Canvas, open the course that you wish to use i>clickers with.

Step 2:On your left-hand margin, check to see if the i>clicker button is on the list of available buttons. If the button shows up on the list, skip to Registering an i>clicker. If not, continue reading the following steps to enable the button and make it available to your students.

Step 3:Click the Settings button.

Step 4:Click the Navigation tab.

Step 5:Locate the i>clicker option.

Step 6:Click the indicated gear.

Step 7:Click Enable.

Step 8:Click Save.

You have now enabled the i>clicker button.

Registering an i>clicker

Step 1:Click the i>clicker button in your left-hand margin.

Step 2:Type in your i>clicker Remote ID in the indicated box.

Step 3:Click Register.

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