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Zoom is replacing WebEx as our web conferencing solution. What is Zoom, and what can you do with it?

With Zoom, you can:
  • Have unlimited 1:1 meetings.
  • Have 40 minute meetings with up to 100 attendees.
  • Connect with anyone with an internet connection from PC, Mac, tablet or phone.
  • Talk via phone or integrated audio via computer (VoIP).
  • Text chat with attendees.
  • Share your device screen, including audio.
  • See attendees via webcam.
  • Schedule meetings in advance and invite attendees via Outlook or other email program.
  • Record a meeting locally or on the web and share link with others for later viewing.

Zoom has all the same features that WebEx has, but it is much easier to use and connecting to the audio is seamless. It is also a more stable and feature-rich solution than Skype. Check out Getting Started to learn how Zoom can enhance teaching, learning, and business practices on our campus.

Everyone can get a free Basic Zoom account by visiting and logging in with your E-Town credentials.

A limited number of pro accounts are available as needed. Additional features of pro accounts can be found here. Contact Linda Macaulay to request a pro account and include the dates needed.

The Zoom app homepage looks like this. You can create a new meeting, join a meeting, schedule a meeting or share your screen. Using the bar along the top, you can also chat, see information about your meetings, and see your contact list.

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