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Wifi: PC (Windows Computers)
How to connect your PC to EC_SECURE_WIFI. This is a secure wireless network that is available to anyone with an E-town username and password. Your computer must be also registered before you can access the network.
Basic Connection Guide
1. Open the Wireless menu on your device and connect to EC_SETUP_WIFI.
2. Open a web browser, visit Make sure you agree to the terms and conditions before selecting start.4. Enter your username (without and password and follow the on-screen prompts.
5. Visit and follow the prompts to register your computer.

Click the following links for in-depth instructions on using these services at E-town:

Detailed Connection Guide

Step 1:Click the Wireless Network Icon in the task bar (next to the time in the bottom right-hand corner). Choose EC_SETUP_WIFI, then click Connect.
  Step 2:Open your browser.
If the wireless configuration does not automatically appear, navigate to to access the page.
Step 3: Click the check box to accept the terms of the End-User License Agreement click Start >.

Step 4: Enter your User Name and Password and click Continue.

Step 5: If prompted, you can choose to keep or remove certificates from devices that you've previously registered. Make sure to keep any cell phones, tablets or laptops that you use on the wireless network. You may also see old devices on this list that you have not used for a while; if that is the case, you can choose to remove those certificates.

Step 6: Click Download for Windows.

Step 7:Click Save File.

Step 8:Click Run.
Step 9:The software will configure, connect and authenticate your connection. When it's done, you may exit the window.

Step 10:
You can confirm that you are connected to the SECURE network by clicking the Wireless Network Icon in the task bar (next to the time in the bottom right-hand corner). You should see a message that you are now connected.

After connecting to the network (using either the wired or the wireless connection), open a browser and visit This website will guide you through the process of installing Bradford Persistent Agent and Cisco AMP for Endpoints antivirus software on your computer, and registering your computer on the network.

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