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Vocaroo is a website that allows users to create voice and sound recordings that can be saved on a computer for future use or sent to others.
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 Using Vocaroo         Saving as an MP3

Using Vocaroo
Step 1:
Go to
vocaroo homepage
Step 2:Click on the Click to Record button in the green center box.
Step 3:A box will pop up that requests permission to use your microphone and camera. Click Allow.
vocaroo flash player settings

Note: There may be an additional pop up at the top of the window. Click Allow again to start.

Step 4: Vocaroo is now recording. The Click to Stop button will blink red. Once the blinking starts, begin speaking.
vocaroo recording screen
Step 5:Click the Click to Stop button in order to end the recording session. 
You may receive this message: "Error: Nothing was recorded. Please ensure you are close enough to your microphone and your microphone is configured correctly." The computer did not detect any sound. Please try recording again, speaking louder and sitting closer to the computer so that the microphone will detect your voice.
vocaroo error message

Step 6:Click the Listen button to review your recording. The Stop and Pause buttons will blink green during playback.
You will not be able to hear the playback if the volume on your computer is muted or turned all the way down.

Step 7:Click the Retry button to re-record or press the Listen button to hear it again. If satisfied with the recording, click the Click here to save >> button.
vocaroo save button

Step 8: You will see several options to save and share the file. Click the embed button in order to get a code to share the link on Canvas, use the icons to share it on social media sites, or use the email button to send it as a link in an email.

Step 9:If you are not completely satisfied with your recording , you can delete the recording by clicking on the Delete Now button.
vocaroo delete screen

A red box will appear that asks if you are certain about deleting your message. If you are certain, click OK, delete this message >>.
 Once your audio file has been deleted, you will receive a confirmation.
vocaroo end screen

Warning: Deleting your audio file will render any links you sent to others through the send/share options unusable.

Saving Your File as an MP3

In order to edit your audio file with other programs (such as Audacity), you must first save it to your computer as an MP3 file.
Step 1Click MP3 under the sharing options.

Step 2A pop up will appear asking you to save the file. Click OK.

Step 3Click the folders file at the bottom of your screen.

Step 4
Open the Downloads file.

Step 5
Your new audio MP3 file will appear in the downloaded files, ready for you to use with other programs.

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