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Upload Recordings
Instructions on how to upload videos from the Swivl Capture app on your device.You will need to create a Swivl Cloud account before attempting to upload. 

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Upload with Swivl Cloud           Upload with iTunes

Upload With Swivl Cloud

Step 1:
Open the Swivl app on your device.

Step 2:On the main screen, choose Upload All, or select individual videos by tapping the green cloud next to each.

Note:If you have trouble uploading the video, make sure you are logged in to Swivl Cloud. See the Swivl Cloud page for more information. 

Step 3:Go to

Step 4:Log in.Step 5:In the top bar, select Library.

Step 6:Click on the top video to view uploaded file. It should be encoding. Encoding processing time is dependent upon video length.

Step 10:Once the video is finished processing, it will be available for viewing, sharing, and downloading. 

For more information on how to view, share, and download your video, see the Swivl Cloud article.

Upload from iTunes

Step 1:Plug the white USB cord into the iPod.

Step 2:Plug the other end of the USB cord into the computer USB port.

Step 3:AutoPlay will appear. Close the AutoPlay.

Note: If the iPod has never been plugged into your computer before, a message will appear at the bottom right of your screen. Wait for it to finish installing device driver software before moving to step 4.

Step 4:iTunes will open automatically when the iPod is connected and drivers are installed.

Step 5:Click on the iPod button in the top right of the iTunes window.

Step 6:Click on the Apps tab in the center of the iTunes window.

Step 7:Scroll down to the File Sharing section on screen. Select Swivl Capture.

Step 8:Swivl Capture Documents will appear to the right of the File Sharing section. Select the video you would like to upload.

Step 9:Click Save to....

Step 10:Navigate to the file where you would like to save the video. Click Select Folder.

Your video has now been uploaded to your computer and is now available in the file you chose.

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