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Uninstalling FortiClient
How to uninstall FortiClient on a PC or Mac. This should be completed after graduation.

FortiClient for PCs

FortiClient can only be uninstalled when not connected to campus wireless networks.

Step 1:Open FortiClient.

Step 2:Click the Disconnect option and confirm disconnect.

Step 3:Once disconnected, right click the FortiClient icon in the system tray on the right of the taskbar (expand the tray with ^ if FortiClient isn't visible) and select Shutdown FortiClient.

Step 4:
Click the Windows button and select Settings

Step 5:
Click Apps.

Step 5:Type "forticlient" into the search bar and click FortiClient.

Step 6:
Click Uninstall
Step 7:Confirm Uninstall.

Step 8:Restart the system to complete the uninstallation.

FortiClient for Mac

Step 1:
Go to the Applications folder and locate FortiClientUninstaller.

Step 2:Click to open the uninstallation program. Click Uninstall.

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